100 Years together Commonwealth Bank 2011
Qantas Link   2013
Alsco history   2013
The history of Meriton Meriton 2013
The Power of 100. One hundred women who have shaped Australia Westpac  
Keeping the dream alive. 50 years of Queensland Ballet Queesland Ballet  
Building a better world. 100 stories of co-operation International Council of Co-operatives 2009
Building a better Australia. 50 stories of co-operation Australian Co-operative Association  
The Focused Executive Stephenson Mansell 2009
Putting Safety First. A history of the Australian Trucking Assocation Australian Trucking Association 2009
Stories from the Road, Volume 3 Australian Road Transport Hall of Fame 2009
A day in the life of Scots College The Scots College 2009
One to One: The Guide for Mentors/Mentee McCarthy Management 2008
Epping to Chatswood Rail Link TIDC 2009
A measure of Papua New Guinea by Christine Larmer Arman Larmer 2008
Because Children Matter. Uniting Care Burnside Uniting Care Burnside 2009
From Ratbags to respectability CYCA 2008
Architecture by Team. Devine Erby Mazlin 1975-1996 Brian Mazlin 2008
Murphy Family History Booklet   2008
Celebrating 100 years of fashion Myer 2008
Your store Myer. The story of Australia's leading department store Myer 2008
She'll Be Right, Mate. An easy Guide to Men's Health Focus Publishing 2008
  Thomas Warburton 2008
Stories from the Road Vol 3 Australian Trucking Association 2007
50 Great Tips For Healthy Kids - Kids Bk Focus Publishing 2006
50 Great Tips For Healthy Kids - Kids Bk Focus Publishing 2006
Celebrating Excellence. The AIS at 25 Australian Institute of Sport 2006
Autobiography. The inside story of the all new VE Commodore by Peter Robinson Holden 2006
Sharing Stories. A social history of Kelvin Grove Urban Village by Helen Klaebe Queensland Department of Housing 2006
Between the Covers. Revealing the State Library of Queensland collections State Library of Queensland 2006
United by the Moment. Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games Melbourne Commonwealth Games 2006
Water Safety Book Focus Publishing 2006
The Woolworths Way. A great Australian success story Woolworths  
Woolworths Community Report Woolworths 2006
Active Families Focus Publishing 2005
I still Australia Home. Qantas 2005
Riding Through Time by Jim Scaysbrook Motorcycling Australia 2005
In times of crises. The history of the NSW SES by Chas Keys SES of NSW 2005
85 years as the Gateway to Australia Sydney Airport 2005
  Confederation of Australian Motor Sport 2004
125 years of Care. The Childrens Hospital at Westmead The Childrens Hospital. Westmead  
Complete Parenting Guide The Childrens Hospital. Westmead 2004
Harrington - Crossing the Bar Roche Group 2004
  JL Lennard 2004
The Last Shift KB Brewery 2004
The Story of Skilled Skilled Engineering 2004
100 years of Motoring by Bill Tuckey Focus Publishing 2004
  Stuart Alexander 2004
Allen Jack + Cottier, 1952-2002 Allen, Jack + Cottier 2003
Australians and Their Cars by Bill Tuckey Focus Publishing 2003
  FA Pidgeon 2003
  Faculty of Healthy Sciences, University of Sydney Handbook 2003
NIDA. By John Clark NIDA 2003
Secret of Healthy Children Focus Publishing 2003
They Came to Conquer Vol I & II   2003
Treasures of State Library Victoria State Library of Victoria 2003
Warm Welcome Clubs Guide Clubs NSW 2003
A family favourite. Celebrating 75 years of Cottees   2002
Creating a Better Future: The AMP Story AMP 2002
  Electrical Trades Union 2002
IBM, Blue Beneath the Southern Cross IBM Australia 2002
  Mirvac 2002
  NHMRC 2002
  Washington H Soul Pattinson 2002
Take control of your health Blackmores 2002
A Superb Century. 100 years of the Gabba by Wayne Smith Focus Publishing 2002
Commonwealth Bank Oral History Commonwealth Bank 2001
Fluor. Meeting the Challenge. 50 years of Fluor Australia Fluor Australia 2001
Celebrating 100 Years of the Mitchell Library NSW State Library 2001
  University of Sydney 2001
A Vision for Australia. 50 years of the Snowy Mountains Snowy Mountain Authority 1999
  Colonial 1998
Reshaping Australia's aviation landscape. The history of the Federal Airports Corporation FAC 1998
The Longest Hop. 50 Years of the Kangaroo Route Qantas 1998
  Traveland 1998
  Crown 1997
Lifework. Heroes of Australian Health MBF 1997
The history of Corinthian Doors Corinthian Doors 1996
Family Business 2 Focus Publishing 1996
  Hotel Inter.Continental, Sydney 1996
  Police Assocition of NSW 1996
  Alcatel 1995
Lifeblood. Tasmania's Hydro Power Hydro Tasmania 1995
From the Dawn of Aviation. 75 years of Qantas Qantas 1995
  St Peters Lutheran College 1995
Beating the Odds. The hisotry of NSW TAB TAB 1995
  Coal&Allied 1994
FAMILY BUSINESS 1994 Family Business Australia 1994
  Palmerston North Hospital 1993
SALVO! The Salvation Army 1993
The history of Sedgwick James Sedgwick James 1992
From Cabbie to Chairman. FAI 1991
  Sheraton Wentworth 1991
A Fair Go. Portraits of the Australian Dream. Wendy McCarthy Focus Publishing 1991 - 1999
Breakthrough. The story of the rail link to Sydney Airport Transfield/Bouyges joint venture 1991 - 1999
Dining High. Stunning recipes from Australia's master chefs. Tony Bilson and Peter Doyle Ansett 1991 - 1999
Delivering more than ever Australia Post 1991 - 1999
Performance built on trust. The Barclay Mowlem Story Barclay Mowlem 1991 - 1999
True Blue. 75 years of Ford in Australia by Bill Tuckey Ford 1991 - 1999
    1991 - 1999
Sydney Airport. 85 years as the gateway to Australia. Sydney Airport 1991 - 1999
  Thiess 1991 - 1999
  University of Sydney 1991 - 1999
  Westpac 1991 - 1999
The Woolworths Way. A great Australian success story. 75 years Woolworths 1991 - 1999
Champions of Enterprise. Australian Entrepreneurship, 1788-1990 ASX 1991
Industry Series    
Australian Scientist. Australian Academy of Sciences 2009
Australian Ingenuity. Manufacturing for the world Focus Publishing 1999
Edge. Directions in Australian ICT AIIA  
Finance Focus Publishing  
Natural Quality 2000 Focus Publishing 1999
Connecting With the World (IT&T) Focus Publishing 2001
Moving Business Forward - Aust expertise in transport & logistics Focus Publishing 2008
Energy Focus Publishing 2007
Smart Health. The Australian Advantage Focus Publishing 2003
Education Focus Publishing 2005
Natural Quality. The Produce of Australia Focus Publishing 2005
Edge II. Directions in Australian ICT Focus Publishing 2004
Australian Education. Passport to a Global Career, Vol II Focus Publishing 2003
Edge, ICT Focus Publishing 2003
Natural Quality 2003 Focus Publishing 2003
Sports Business Australia Focus Publishing 2002
Australia. Passport to a Global career, Vol 1 Focus Publishing 1998
INFRASTRUCTURE Focus Publishing 1997
INNOVATION Focus Publishing 1996
Securing Australia's Water Future Focus Publishing 2008
Australia Gourmet Paradise Focus Publishing  
Sustaining a Nation. 100 years of agriculture in Australia Focus Publishing 2000
Forging a Nation by Brian Carroll Focus Publishing 2002
Australia, delivering global financial services Focus Publishing 2005
State series    
Queensland. Australia's Dynamic State Focus Publishing 1999
NSW Focus Publishing  
Newcastle and the Hunter. Revolution of a Region Focus Publishing 1999
Sydney. Australia's First City by Edna Carew Focus Publishing 1999
Qld -A Great State of Mind Queensland State Government 2005
Geelong. 21st century Lifestyle Focus Publishing 2004
Canberra and the Capital Region Focus Publishing 2003
Queensland by Invitation Queensland State Government 2002
Victoria. Australia. Innovation, events, energy Focus Publishing 2002
Newcastle. New Century. New Horizon Focus Publishing 2001
NSW, First for Business Focus Publishing 2006
Wollongong Focus Publishing 2003
Western Australia Focus Publishing 2002
Focus On Australia Focus Publishing 1998
Victoria. Australia. Leadership and success Focus Publishing 1998
Western Australia Focus Publishing 1998
South Australia Focus Publishing 2001
NSW Linking Australia to the world Focus Publishing 2003
Queensland Focus Publishing 1995
Adelaide Focus Publishing 1994
Brisbane, Queensland. Focus Publishing 1991
Newcastle and the Hunter Focus Publishing 1991
Perth Focus Publishing 1993
Bi-lateral trade series    
UK Focus Publishing  
Australia Germany Focus Publishing  
Australia-Japan. Friendship and Prosperity Focus Publishing 2006
Japan -(Japanese) Focus Publishing 2006
China-English and Mandarin Edition Focus Publishing 2008
Special China Edition Focus Publishing 2005
France-Australia. A tradition of global enterprise Focus Publishing  
Germany (A.P.O.L) Focus Publishing 2005
UK–Australia Focus Publishing 2001
AUST-India: A deepening economic partnership Focus Publishing 2008
Australia-UAE: Expanding Trade and Cultural Links Focus Publishing 2008
Australia-Saudi Arabia. Regional leaders, global partners Focus Publishing 2010
Australia-Indonesia: Enduring Friednship, strategic partners Focus Publishing 2012
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