Stories from the Road

Prod_70The distances between Australia’s towns and cities are legendary. But none more so than the truckies who spent their lives driving back and forth between them, and have epic tales to tell. Stories from the Road is a long-overdue celebration of the people and the stories that have long travelled Australia’s long and occasionally winding roads … a priceless collection of the challenges and achievements of Australia’s heroic highway folk. Published in conjunction with the Road Transport Historical Society Stories from the Road includes the stories of trucking greats including Allan Scott, Bruce Burt, Jim & Jamie Cooper, Jim Hurley, Paul & Kaye Keen, Max Luff, Lindsay Fox, and Mick Vawdrey to name a few of the 100 stories. With a foreword from Peter Rocke, introduction from Liz Martin this book is a must for anyone in the trucking communities.

The Australian Road Train Association offers for sale copies of the limited edition book, Stories from the Road – The challenges and achievements of Australia’s road transport heroes. Through the kind generosity of the book’s publisher, Focus Publishing, the book has been compiled by the Road Transport Historical Society. Click here to find out more.