Qantas - I still call Australia Home

Prod_51Qantas has the population of a small city, and a network embracing the planet.

With 38,000 staff, more than 200 aircrafts and nearly 300,000 flights a year, it carries the equivalent of the entire population of Australia, 20 million people, within the country, and another 9 million to 145 ports in 41 different nations.

If that's an awesome set of figures to digest all at once, imagine how it might seem to the three World War I veterans who gathered in a Brisbane hotel to form the Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services company 85 years ago, less than two decades since the Wright brothers had first spluttered off the ground.

I Still Call Australia Home The Qantas Story begins with that momentous meeting in 1920 and weaves a fascinating tale of this Australian success story right up until the modern day.

The distinctive red kangaroo is now one of the most recognisable airline symbols around the world and, in many ways, represents Australia's identity and place in the world.

As Qantas CEO Geoff Dixon puts it, This book is a record, a celebration and a promise. It's a record of an extraordinary commercial enterprise. It's a celebration of the men and women whose commitment to safety, quality and loyalty across 85 years has made Qantas a great international airline.

I Still Call Australia Home is an amazing journey through the history of Australian aviation. Fasten your seat belts and enjoy the ride.