Publisher, Jaqui Lane

A Bit About Me

In 1989 I founded Focus Publishing with Steven Rich. Over 30 years I’ve published 350 business books for ASX-listed companies, including; Qantas, Australia Post, Woolworths, Commonwealth Bank, and Holden, as well as for family businesses, entrepreneurs and charities.

In 2011 I launched Global Stories, helping businesses communicate what they do through corporate storytelling, the most captivating medium. Through it I’ve written 12 business books with another four in production.

The Book Adviser, is my third book adventure. Through The Book Adviser I help executives and business owners share their story and insights, positioning themselves as an expert, to leverage their profile and establish or maintain their leadership and business.

The Book Advisor is an 8 step, 12-month program with a personal writing map, and me as your guide through the uncertain water that is book writing. With the right help to steer you, you can write your book in 12 months, elevating your positioning in the marketplace.

My Background

I am passionate about sharing business knowledge, and the power of books to empower and inspire change.

From a young age I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to help people who did not have a voice, whether that be in their home, community or wider society. So at the age of 12 I decided I wanted to be New Zealand’s first female Prime Minister. I focused on this for 10 years, studying political science and working for the NZ National Party. I was 25 when the opportunity arose to enter parliament, but decided I needed to see more of the world before doing so.

It was then that I was offered the opportunity to come to Australia to research and co-author a book on the history of Australian entrepreneurship, which I took up. Champions of Enterprise, Australian Entrepreneurship 1788-1990, was my first book, and I enjoyed living in Australia so much I never left.

I went on to interview over 300 of Australia’s leading entrepreneurs and business people, which lead to the building of my own business publishing company, Focus Publishing.

Publications I’ve Written

1. Mutual Advantage: Relations Between New Zealand and the USSR 1972-1985, 1985

2. Champions of Enterprise. Australian Entrepreneurship, 1788-1990

3. The Power of 100. One hundred women who have shaped Australia, 2010, co-author

4. History of the Asia Centre Foundation, Thailand, 2014

5. 10 Years of Making a difference. The story of Aspen Medical, 2014

6. Creating a new world of packaging. The Amcor story, 2014

7. Woolworths at 90. Published 2014

8. A family company built on Integrity. A W Edwards, 2013

9. Westpac @ 200. To be published 2017

10. Now that’s a good idea. The first 40 years of the Centre for Independent Studies, To be published 2017

11. The Camatic Story, To be published 2017

12. Wilson Transformer. A proud, enduring Australian family business, To be published 2017

13. The history of the Commonwealth Bank, To be published 2017

Productions I’ve Edited

The Focused Executive, Frist edition and revised edition for Stephenson Mansell

Foundation for the Future, 50 years of Donald Cant Watts Corke

Thought leadership

Corporate storytelling for business: Numerous articles, videos and interviews.

Discover me to brand me:  Articles, posts, interviews, guest podcasts.

My Mission

My mission is to help business people become thought leaders, boosting their business, by sharing their knowledge and insights through their own business books.

My Vision

To enable change in business, one book at a time.

Charities I’ve Worked With

Role Model Books in Homes 2015-

Auburn North Public School Publishing Project-2016

Council member, The Women’s College within the University of Sydney, 2002-2010

Founding Chairman of The Footpath Library, 2007-2012

State President and National Board member, Women Chiefs of Enterprises International, 1998-2003; 2005-2008

Founder, Australian Arab Businesswomen’s Forum, 2011-