Powering Australia Volume 6



The “three Cs” are set to dominate Australia’s electricity supply scene through this new decade. Here and overseas, carbon, cost and continuity of supply are being increasingly seen as the “trilemma” that must be resolved in order to decarbonise the economy while ensuring reliable supply of power without imposing unacceptable pain on consumers.

The 2012 volume 6 of Powering Australia: Carbon, cost & continuity of supply will appear at a time when the Australian Government hopes to publish its new energy white paper, a roadmap for the future that has been four years in the making. The white paper will also appear as the Government’s “clean energy future” policies, including a carbon price, are being enshrined in legislation and a new regime to promote renewable energy deployment in Australia is being launched.

In addition, 2012 is the year in which the national energy regulator begins the complex process of judging what the east coast transmission and distribution networks may spend on capital outlays in the second half of the decade — with further rises in network charges for consumers seen as inevitable.

Hanging over all this is the fact that the Kyoto agreement on greenhouse gas abatement expires in 2012 and the targets Australia will assume to cut emissions will depend on what, if anything, takes its place. The 2012 volume of Powering Australia will again focus on the challenges of developing a smarter energy future for Australia.

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