Powering Australia Volume 5

Powering-Australia-5-coverPowering Australia Volume 5: Navigating a new electricity supply era is the fifth annual publication providing a unique insight into Australia's electricity sector. Officially launched by the Hon. Martin Ferguson, Minister for Resources and Energy at the Powering Australia Conference 2011.

Policy makers are seeking to launch a step-change in electricity supply and consumption in Australia. The federal government plans to reduce coal-fired power stations’ role to meeting 43 per cent of demand by 2020. This will mark the nation’s first major step toward a decarbonised economy.

Powering Australia Volume 5 is delivered at a time when the issues affecting electricity supply have never been more important to Australia nationally and regionally. All five volumes have become essential references for "those in power".

Powering Australia now has its own website click here to view the latest on Australia's electricity sector, including Keith Orchison’s blog.

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