Producing a corporate book is a complex process and most corporate/marketing executives have no experience in this area.

Producing a corporate book is not the same as producing an annual report, corporate profile or marketing document. A well-produced corporate book is a strategic marketing tool rather than a mere presentation or statement of facts. Companies aspiring to self-publish need to be aware of the following common pitfalls:

  • • the timeframe constantly extending due to lack of decisive management
  • • letting the writer dictate the content
  • • inadequate technical editing and checking
  • • lack of good quality images
  • • using the wrong format and style for the target audience
  • • bad paper quality
  • • lack of expertise in print buying and quality control
  • • printing too many books
  • • legal requirements not being met
  • • little consideration being given to distribution issues
  • • ignorance of printing and binding options, and much more.

If avoiding these pitfalls sounds like too much trouble, contact Focus Publishing and let our experts help you to produce a book of which you will be proud.

Lack of knowledge costs time and money. At Focus, we deliver certainty regarding cost, quality and performance, leaving our clients the time they require to concentrate on their core tasks.