How to Start

At the risk of blowing our own trumpet, we strongly advise to talk to a professional corporate book publisher before deciding to publish your book yourself.

Publishing a corporate book is a specialist task in which all the usual challenges faced when publishing a novel are complicated by a range of corporate imperatives and processes. We explain the key issues you need to consider in How to Publish Your Book. You should work through all of them before you you decide which way to go.

You may well decide that the easiest way to produce your book is to talk to us at Focus. We have 'done it all before' for a range of large, medium and small companies. For more information about these clients and projects, go to About Focus Publishing.

The primary things you need to consider when approaching a book are:

  • • when you need the book to be available
  • • who your target audience is
  • • what key messages you want to convey
  • • who from your company needs to be involved in the project
  • • whether you have the time and expertise necessary to undertake the project
  • • the extent to which your budget influences your options.