The costs of producing corporate books vary enormously, depending on the size, format, print run, author, length of manuscript and printing option selected.

There are also significant 'hidden' costs for companies considering undertaking such a project themselves – management time, learning-curve mistakes, lack of film and print buying expertise, correction and amendment costs, the potential reprinting of all or part of the book to correct mistakes or to address legal or corporate concerns that were not expressed earlier.

At Focus we have produced books for as little as $40,000. We have also produced them for over $500,000. The budget for most reasonably sized corporate books falls between $80,000 and $200,000, depending on the print run and other factors outlined in How to Publish Your Book.
We provide our clients with a fixed fee contract which outlines the key components of the project (project management, specifications, schedule, approval processes, delivery and project components). This way our clients enjoy certainty of cost, quality and performance.

The project fee is payable in instalments over the contract period, with the final one due after delivery of the books.

All variations requested by a client are costed. None is affected until the cost for doing so has been approved by that client.

There are a number of funding options available for clients wishing to spread their payments over time. For more information, go to the section titled Funding.